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School Improvement

2016-2017 School Improvement Plan


  • Planning Committee

                  The planning committee is responsible for completing a Needs Assessment to determine the technology, equipment, and instructional supply needs of the faculty and staff. 

  • Communication Committee
  •          The communication committee is responsible for the school newsletter that is sent home each nine weeks.  They also create a school brochure, update the school website, and help create the yearbook.

  •  Curriculum and Instruction Committee

                    Members of the curriculum and instruction committee share curriculum and Common Core updates and materials with faculty members.  They  also discuss ideas for integrating subject areas, developing interdisciplinary units, PLC ideas, and enhancing performance of our AMO subgroups.

  •   Climate Committee

                    The climate committee creates a positive climate in the school by planning school celebrations, luncheons, special days, parental involvement opportunities, honoring staff members, and staff special occasions.

  •  Staff Development Committee

                       The staff development committee researches appropriate professional development for faculty based on school improvement goals and areas of interest/need.  They also approve all staff development requests based on each faculty member’s professional development plan, School    Improvement and Title I plans.  

Meeting Times:*

All meetings will be the third Thursday of every month.  

Committees will meet the third Thursday of every month at the following times: