Sixth Grade Supply List

               6th Grade Supply List (2013-2014)

                     East Yancey Middle School

-One 3-ring Binder/NotebookThis notebook should be 2 inches or larger.

                                                            A notebook that zips is preferable.

-One 3-ring Binder/NotebookThis notebook should be 1-inch.

-Spiral Notebook – 1 subject for Language Arts Class

-Filler Paper

-8 pack Dividers

-Pencils (10 Pk)

-Pencil Sharpener (one that collects shavings)

-Zipper Pencil Pouch


*Two Boxes of Kleenex (Family Size)

*Post-It Notes (1 pack)

*One package white index cards

*Two packages colored index cards

*Markers (8 pack)

*Colored Pencils (12 pack)

*Crayons (24 count)

*Disinfecting wipes

*Hand Sanitizer

*AA Batteries (4 pack)

Arts Classes:

(All 6th graders choose a music class, and then will go to art one semester, and drama the other semester.  Your child will need supplies for their music class, and for BOTH art and drama.)

Band:      -1 or 1.5 inch binder

     -pencil pouch to go inside binder

Chorus:   -Two-pocket folder with loose-leaf paper.

Drama:    -1 or 1.5 inch binder with loose leaf paper

     -pencil pouch to go inside binder

Art:      -non-mechanical pencils

*All starred items will be taken up and kept in homeroom.

Calculators are provided for classroom use only. We use the TI-30XIIs if you would like to purchase one for home use.